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                                                         Where the supernatural investigates, "Who's haunting you?"

There are both light and dark side hauntings here all worth the read. Don't be afraid just because you don't like hauntings. Follow the timeline to find where it leads and you will be amazed. It will scare you so, prepare yourself for the paranormal and supernatural experience unlike anything you've ever known to what is familiar to mankind. It is not what you will expect.


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A  Ghost Haunting journey I lived through the light and dark side when I asked for proof and got it.

Madam in Eden Im Adam, is a palindrome which reads both front and back the same way. On Sept. 29, 2013 at 00:09;29 am, "this time also a palindrome to the date," on Archangel Feast Day
also World Heart Day, I was witness to on of the most extraordinary event known to mankind. I saw a ghost who left a message not only to me but also to all mankind  Through math, numerology, Gemontria, ancient text to geographic and much more.

Follow me through this extraordinary journey and find out where the Ghost Comm code leads to. Click HERE to view the blog for amazing info.


What do you say to a ghost the first time you see them?

I've been expecting you. You are late. Did you remember to bring next weeks lotto numbers?



Ghost Orbs Unexplained Lights

This unexplained lights are from many separate events but make a cool compilation. 

Follow the entire collection here.

View the complete video collection.


What did the ghost EVP reveal with the homeowner requested it leave the premises? Boohoo.



What did the clergy's heavyweight friends ask of him?    Exercise me.



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