2019 July 29th Poltergeist Investigation

Posted by dasofc on October 11, 2019 at 10:00 AM

2019 July 29th Poltergeist Investigation.

On July 29, 2019, I had a strange experience while the home electricity was off and no cell reception was available, I wasn't completely alone. The contractor was outside working on the house so someone else was there with me but not in the house or in the same room with me.

I was sitting quietly on a chair in the dining room when my cell phone fell out of my pants pocket onto the floor in front of me. A few minutes passed when the top part of the shelf, to be installed later, started to wiggle. In response in awe, I "Aahhed" at it but then quickly laughed. A poltergeist?

On my audio recorder, I found a young man's voice saying, "It's over." then "steal' and "rape." I became concerned as to how someone could pull off such a prank....if it was a prank. So, now I intend to investigate the possibility of a home invasion of my privacy as a hack. I am a former communications and pc board level repair technician, now retired. So let's see how it's done and what the legal ramifications are for invasion of my privacy, how to proof it in court and how do I catch him, assuming it is not a female altering her voice.

The image and video are of just this event as there are many similarly strange occurrences to follow. This one being on audio tape like the Ghost Comm Sept, 29, 2019 sighting, I have evidence something occured.

Before I go any further, let me be very clear that I have NOT heard or seen these audio EVPs, electronic voice phenomenon, nor ghostly impression images before or after but only on the cameras/recorder. Now, whether from a hacker or some strange supernatural event, it is fair to add that the ghostly impressions could be a hacker who is infecting my pc. The following investigations will determine which it is. Follow me while I explore the possibilities of current technology used to invade your/my privacy verses the supernatural paranormal phenomenon.

Here are a few questions I have. Is there any supporting legal court cases supporting EVPs as hacking? Is gas lighting, a 1940's movie about a man who tried to scare his wife crazy to take her inheritance, a motive to take property and is there any legal grounds for this type of case. What type of hacking is it? Is it legal, like by law enforcement? What equipment and software is needed to test for it and how to stop it. What does the psychological field think about regarding your mental health and the effects or contributions of a vitamin B12 deficiency on your heart, the stress effect, psychoneuroimmunology by Dr. Robert Sapolsky, Stanford University. When is it healthly to question suspicious occurrences? And why you should or should not tell someone else? Is there a home security factor? Who and how to tell.

As a former pc board level technician, I have the experience to examine the voice waveform shown in the video below to find out, who is haunting you?


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Ghost Haunting EVP, "I see."