Psychology of Belief verses the Right to Believe.

Posted by dasofc on October 26, 2019 at 9:50 AM

The psycho community does not believe in the paranormal. They believe it is a error in belief or deny you the right to believe in Halloween holiday fun. Most of the psych site we visit will confirm this.

While it is important to have a well rounded mind, body, and soul, who is it that says you can't have a little fun? The psych community.

So, if you believe in God, your nuts? So, if you believe in selling seasonal gifts your on Halloween, your nuts? We are a contributors to psych issues? Let's examine this.

While October holiday brings in a ginormous annual revenue while it supports my the beliefs in the spooky hoots, there is still a wonder if the brain is trying to give you a heads up there may also be something wrong. Similarly a B12 deficiency and/or dehydration with insomnia has been documented to cause hallucinations. So perhaps a closer look into then poltergeist is worth the look. 

For 20 years, now I have had a B12 deficiency to which no physician has told me about although my medical blood work showed it. It can cause permanent paralysis to which I now have in my arm and hand causing a disability which could have been prevented. I suffer in pain every day.

So, it seems a little look into your belief is a heads up for good reasons.

Understanding Perspectives Ted Talks

Posted by dasofc on October 9, 2019 at 8:30 AM


Understanding Perspectives Ted Talks.

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